The 6 Biggest Added Expenses with Owning a Boat

Many people who buy their very first boat do not take into account all the additional costs involved with boating. If you are not considering the following six added expenses from a recognized professional boat trader with owning a boat, you are going to discover very quickly that you need more money than you first anticipated.

Boats for Sale1. Safety Equipment – Making certain that you and your passengers are safe is priority one, and many boat owners assume that some life vests will suffice on the high seas. In addition to flotation devices, the boat must be equipped with a radio that can be used to call for help as well as a satellite radio that can warn if storms are in the region. For more on boating safely visit:

2. The Boat Trailer – So you got a great deal on the boat and now all you need to do is to get it to the docks so you and your crew can go boating. Hopefully you set aside some money for a new trailer or you will be out on dry dock for longer than you thought. If you are negotiating a price with a seller, see if you can get the trailer included in the sale price.

3. Fishing Equipment – Make no mistake about it, fishing gear can be very expensive when starting from scratch. Not only do you need the fishing poles, lines, traps, and bait, you may need to invest in a depth finder or fish finder too.

4. Winterizing the Boat – When it is too cold to be out on the water, having the boat professionally winterized can be very costly. Wrapping the boat and treating the surface so it is ready for spring is vital, skimp on this service and you may not be able to enjoy the boat next summer.

5. Tags and Fees – Once you get the boat ready to hit the seas, you will want to make sure all your papers are in order. This means having the appropriate insurance, filing for a fishing license, and permits.

6. Storage – If you are not towing the boat home each trip, you will have to park it at the marina. Each marina has their own dock fees, and the further away from your home, the more you burn in fuel each trip.

Take into account all of these boating added expenses so that you can get more out of your next trip on the water. Incorporate these prices into your boat buying budget so you can stay on course and keep from breaking the bank.



How to Buy a Home and Get Commission Rebates

Buying a home just got that much cheaper with real estate rebates. Even if this might be a seller’s market where the home seller sets the prices, you now have the ability to get back a huge chunk of change at closing if you work with a real estate agency that offers their customers the real estate rebates. The following information will show you how to buy a home and get commission rebates so that you can walk away from closing with some cash in your pockets.

real estate churchHow Does the Rebate Work?
The real estate rebate is a commission that the agent passes on to their customers for giving them their business. When a house is sold, the real estate agent gets a piece of the sale in the way of a commission. To help attract more business, they offer a small percentage of the money they make to the buyers at closing, in the form of a rebate check they can cash and do with whatever they please. In many cases these checks can be several thousand dollars going right into the hands of the people who need it the most.

Who Qualifies for the Rebates?
Everyone buying a house qualifies for the real estate rebate, in fact, all you need to do is ask the agent who you are going to work with if they offer rebates and how much. This is not something many agents advertise because they are giving up a nice portion of the money they work hard for. If you do put it out there, your real estate agent will tell you exactly what they can do and how much money you can expect back when the house closes.

How Can I Use the Rebate?
The rebate is cash, so you have the opportunity to really go crazy with your new windfall. Times can be tough those first weeks in a new house, so that money can be used to hire painters, pay for food, hire landscapers, pay deposits on utilities, pay a months mortgage, or just stuff it in the bank for a rainy day. The rebate is the real estate agents way of thanking you for the business and providing you something of value that you will use down the road.

So now you know how to buy a home and get commission rebates. Don’t let this unique opportunity to grab your share of the cash slip through your fingers. Ask your real estate agent about rebates today! Visit for more information.


Picking the Right Realtor to Sell Your Home Quickly

Regardless if it is a buyers or sellers market, timing your sale can be a challenging task to say the least. One of the ways that you can position yourself to sell your home in a timely manner is to work with the best local realtor. Recent work with a Charleston SC Real Estate Firm stated that so many realtors in your region, rather than just pick one because you like their advertisement, consider the following ways to picking the right realtor to sell your home quickly.

Charleston real estate1. Face to Face Meeting – There is nothing that says you have to sign a realtor contract with the first agent you talk to. Do your homework and then head down to the realtors office to have a brief meeting with them. In a few moments of addressing your concerns you will be able to tell if this person is up for the task of selling your home for you quickly.

2. Results Are Everything – Regardless if it is a buyers or sellers market, ask to see which realtors in the local office have the best selling history. A realtor who sells a house a week is not just sitting back and waiting for referrals. They are butting their butts each week making things happen, and this is where you want your attention to be.

3. Snooping Online – Talk a look at the realtor social media profile of a few agents you are considering, you can gather tremendous information about them in the way they speak to their customers and what their customers say about them. Pay close attention to the timeliness of the posts and how issues are resolved if they arise. The best realtors stay in close contact with all their customers regardless how busy they might be.

4. Analyzing Awards – Awards are a great thing for realtors to achieve, but do not hang your hat on the fact the realtor you are considering sold $1,000,000 in homes this year. If that particular realtor happened to sell one house in a three month period that sold for over a million dollars, then they are in that club. It isn’t the dollar amount you should be focused on, it should be the quantity of houses they sold this month. Selling 10 houses and joining the million dollar club is more impressive than one house for the same amount.

Use these tips for choosing the best realtor to help sell your home as a guide and you will be well on your way to moving in a timely manner this year. For more information visit: